Frank Layton

Senior Advisor & Investment Partner

Frank has a diversified entrepreneurial background with over 30 years of business experience in real estate finance and securities and venture capital.
During the 1980’s Frank represented real estate development companies August Financial as Vice President of Investor Relations for Northern California, Fox Capital as Vice president of ten US western states representing the companies to numerous NASD registered investment companies and their clients raising in excess of $200 million a year of private and public funding’s.

Entering into the “Venture Capital” arena in the 1990’s, Frank managed a series of successful capital raises for private companies in Real Estate Development, Telecommunications Industry with the focus of Wireless Cable Television technologies private funding in excess of $50 million.
As a native Californian, Frank studied the beginnings of the Medical Marijuana Industry’s development from its early inception in 1996 through to its current rapid growth stage he consulted with US and international companies seeking capital and human resources to develop cannabis and CBD Hemp companies to operate in California and Hawaii to bring medical grade products to the market. Through this effort he has raised more than $12 million for these cannabis and hemp companies and managed investor relations and communications.

In 2019 he created E. F. Global Effect LLC and subsequently E. F. Global AMP Vietnam with partners to develop opportunities and business development in Regenerative Medicine Labs for Stem cells and Exosome products through domestic and international distribution agreements to supply the ever-growing needs for these products and treatments worldwide. Frank and his team created distribution partnerships to bring these products as well as personal protection solutions for private and industrial clients. With the onset of the 2019 Global Covid -19 Pandemic the addition of products that consist of various forms of Anti-Microbial surface and textile protective coatings along with anti-microbial agricultural products and technologies were brought into distribution on a global scale to mitigate the effects of viruses and pathogens that adversely effect the health of people, animals, and commercial crops.
E.F. Global companies bring technology solutions to the medical and energy industries through international partnerships across all market segments.

Frank attended University of Santa Barbara, Ventura College, Dale Carnegie Public Speaking, Dale Carnegie Sales & Marketing, Registered Representative with Series 22, 63 Licenses.


Ernesto Degenhart

Advisor & Investment Partner

International business development expert with a proven track record in the identification and execution of business opportunities spanning across multiple regions, including MENA, Southeast Asia, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Western Europe, Africa and Latin America. Accomplished in delving deeply into every industry he focuses on, reaching very deep levels of understanding in the textile industry, for example, Mr. Degenhart became the youngest vice president of the Apparel and Textiles Manufacturers Guild of Guatemala, as well as a government appointed quota negotiator with the US government at the young age of 23.

He created, and then successfully sold, an apparel factory in El Salvador to a US corporation through a multimillion dollar operation at 33 years of age. In the technology industry, he led a project for PwC, IBM and a private Guatemalan corporation to create the first commercial data center and ASP in Guatemala, which was later sold to the regional representative of IBM for Central America, GBM, S.A. also for a multimillion dollar amount.

He also continues to hold a 50% share in a regional APP manufacturing company which sells technology to a regional Central American bank group. He has also developed several local and regional businesses in the biomedical field, representing Chinese, Korean and European suppliers of test equipment to identify Covid19.

His latest venture, and perhaps his most exciting one, is the development of a global distribution network to provide a multitude of countries across the world with antimicrobial technology capable of controlling not only Covid19 but a whole variety of viruses, bacteria and fungi which have pathogenic capabilities against not only humans but also poultry, pork, and a variety of food producing plants.

Mr. Degenhart, at this time, is leading in the capital sourcing process to take this project into the world stage, with a high probability of success. He has also sat in boards of directors in a variety of different companies, from the fuel and oil industry to the clean energy production through hydro and solar power generation.